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PRO Services In UAE

What are PRO Services?

PRO services can be complex and time-consuming, especially if companies are not familiar with the rules and regulations of the area. Therefore, most organizations choose to outsource this activity. Among the benefits of this practice include greater transparency, accountability, and oversight.
Our GVMC consultants can support you every step of the way towards business expansion. With organized documentation services, our Corporate PRO Services Dubai team helps to quickly deal with public relations-related tasks. Our experts carefully analyze changes in government rules, regulations, policies, and procedures and guide companies in solving all visa-related and business-related issues.
With in-depth knowledge of immigration and labor laws in free trade zones, we assist our clients in obtaining important business licenses, permits, clearances, copyrights, certifications, and trademarks. Our services also include visa services for your employees and their families. We also assist our clients with labor law requirements related to immigration law.

Our wide range of corporate PRO services help you obtain:

  • Employment visas
  • Employment labor cards
  • Family Residency visas
  • Renewal of Family Residency visas
  • Visa cancellations
  • Renewal/modification of business licenses
  • Company documents such as Labor Computer Card and Immigration Card


PRO Services – Major UAE Government Authorities

Many government and legal authorities in UAE and Dubai PRO services closely work with these authorities to regularly address their clients’ needs. Some of the main authorities’ PRO services work with are

  • The Department of Economic Development or DED is the responsible and authorized government entity for issuing licenses for corporate and individual business units in mainland UAE and outside the free zones.
  • UAE Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization and a network of business people to represent, support, protect and promote UAE business communities in their respective commercial activities.
  • The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, GDRFA deals with Visas and Residence Permits.
  • The Ministry of Labor, MOL, is responsible for all labor and work-related matters and the issuance of work permits or labor cards. The Ministry of labor and social services governs all the labor laws in the UAE.
  • The Federal Judiciary authorities are responsible for all business-related legal and administrative issues such as notary attestation, real estate, business liquidation, etc.
  • Roads and Transport Authorities, RTA is responsible for planning and providing an integrated transport system


Why do you need Pro Services in UAE?

You need to outsource a PRO services company for several reasons. Some of the important reasons are

  • PRO services make your business activities stress-free and convenient by providing timely updates on all new and revised regulatory requirements and ensuring timely compliance. Timely action and compliance can help you avoid many legal problems and even penalties.
  • PRO services help you save a great deal of productive time otherwise wasted visiting government and legal offices, waiting in line for document approvals, and spending time and resources ignoring changing business rules and regulations to keep up to date. PRO services can handle all your business needs and formalities in the shortest possible time, helping you focus on more value-added and productive activities/p>
  • Hiring PRO services makes your document cleanup and regulatory compliance expenses more transparent and eases your business accounting. In the case of PRO services, all your business expenses are supported by valid invoices, vouchers, and receipts.
  • PRO services will help you to handle and store all your documents in a very reliable and trustworthy way, protecting them from unlawful and fraudulent use. All your valuable documents are thus safe and secure.
  • By hiring experienced and expert PRO services in UAE, your overall business costs related to document procedures and other business formalities will be kept low. Most of the UAE PRO services are available at a very reasonable price, providing significant savings in terms of time and mental comfort. If you choose your in-house admin PRO office, it will cost you a lot more in terms of salaries, perks, and other related costs.
  • PRO services send timely reminders for all your mandatory license and VISA renewal compliance requirements, saving you from costly mistakes.
  • Due to their specific expertise in complex official processes, PRO service providers offer fast and efficient services that save expensive waiting times. In addition, much complex and difficult paperwork can be done unerringly by the PRO service team.

At GVMC, we have a panel of experts equipped with extensive knowledge of all government regulations and legal procedures to provide professional PRO services in Dubai and assist clients in company incorporation, licensing, and other PR services in the mainland and free zones to support. We recognize the needs and nature of your business and offer the best PRO services in the UAE that comply with all legal regulations. We offer competent PRO services to start-ups as well as established companies in the UAE and guide entrepreneurs in different zones. Just rely on GVMC PROs and leave all your concerns regarding your business formalities.

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