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Dubai is a multicultural center that attracts a high influx of investors every year. The UAE government continues to introduce new reforms to empower and encourage Indian business investors to set up a cosmetics business in Dubai. Starting a cosmetics trading company is hassle-free as the licensing and permitting processes are well-defined and cost-effective. Additionally, when you work with the business consultants at Global Vision Management and Consulting, the procedures become easier than ever.

What is a Cosmetics Trading Company in UAE?

In the United Arab Emirates, cosmetics retailing is a thriving industry. Thousands of tourists visit Dubai every year, and the cosmetic products they want can be found here. Comparatively to other cosmetic hubs, the UAE has one of the most diverse product assortments. In order to start a cosmetics business in Dubai, you must obtain a cosmetic trading license. Additionally, investors can form companies on the mainland and trade freely among the Emirates and within Dubai. It’s a good business venture that many ex-pats and business aspirants may want to consider.

What are the Steps to Set Up a Cosmetics Business in Dubai?

To operate your business without risk, you must follow all the rules and regulations set out by the UAE government. Moreover, you should understand the protocols of importing and selling perfumes and cosmetics and the corresponding trade policies.

Follow these steps to open a cosmetics business in Dubai:

  • List Down the Business Activities
  • Name approval Registration
  • Choose the Preferred Business Location
  • Register the Products
  • Apply for a Cosmetics Trading License
  • Manage Visas and Open a Bank Account

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Cosmetic Business in Dubai?

The cost of your cosmetics retail business in Dubai depends on numerous components. You can expect to spend around AED 26,000-28,000 as you build your makeup business.

Global vision management and consulting business planning specialists guarantee that you won’t pay a penny more to start your business. Our no-fuss strategies will help you save a small amount of money and time that you can use on other exercises.

Perks of starting a cosmetic trading company in UAE

 Wide Range of Products: You have got consent to exchange a wide run of items once you begin a makeup trade in Dubai. The differing restorative items incorporate cream, moisturizer, fragrance, antiperspirant, skincare items, gel, and much more.

Low Tax Rate: The best thing about doing business in the UAE is the low tax rates. In addition, you do not have to pay corporate taxes and the VAT rate is also a very nominal 5% (VAT only applies when products are sold within the UAE, products sold outside the UAE have 0% VAT).

Flexible Location Options: Flexible Location Options: You can easily rent office space in Dubai and start your business operations. In addition, the move is easy and does not cost much.

Start your cosmetics business in Dubai today!

Your decision to start a cosmetics business in Dubai is the right one thanks to several business benefits. You can trade a variety of products, choose where you want to do business, and enjoy various tax exemptions.

Now all you have to do is get in touch with GLOBAL VISION MANAGEMENT and CONSULTANCY business experts. We take care of licensing, banking, translation work, and much more for your convenience. Now is the right time to start a cosmetics business in Dubai and GVMC is your ideal business partner.

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